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XYZ Systems: What To Consider When Buying One

XY tables and XYZ systems are usually belt driven and great for positioning. When you compare their capabilities with those of the traditional tables, you will realize the former is more ideal than the latter. The XY tables and XYZ systems are designed for various purposes, ensuring that a lot of applications can easily be done.

The XY tables and XYZ systems are used in a lot of aspects such as carrying out those machining that can’t be termed as heavy duty, having sensors positioned, and operations automated. Those operations that need involve pick-and-place can be done easily with XY tables and XYZ systems.

XY tables are available in a lot of models, and those firms that make them offer their clients a large number of huge configuration range, enabling the client to have the right table that meets their application and need.

There are different types of XY tables, and the best can be said to be those that have movable parts sited below the laser head.

Every movable part of the XY table and XYZ systems are manned by a custom laser software. With this software, the XY tables and XYZ systems can be positioned to whatever making field that one wants.

The XY tables and XYZ systems can be used in metal engraving, wood engraving, barcode engraving, wafer cutting, and plastic welding. Sometimes, it is used by machinists to have a fabric market and cut it. These are few of the numerous applications for XY tables and XYZ systems.

Before you purchase an XY table or XYZ system, it is vital to consider the following aspects.

To start with, the reason you are buying the XY table or XYZ system will determine the size that you purchase.

A lot of persons opt for those XY tables or XYZ systems that have larger tops. Why is this so? Using an XYZ system with larger tops allow you to get your work done easily. You have the needed space to do whatever you wish. Space is vital in a lot of operations like shaft extensions and knobs.

Another thing to consider when buying an XY table or XYZ system is how dependable or sturdy it is. Not every XYZ system or XY table out there is dependable. Some aren’t stable, while others are more stable than their counterparts. It is wise that a machinist purchased a very stable table, as it allows them to carry out heavy duty tasks.

When you opt for XY table, you are opting for the more desirable variation, as it can help support cantilevered loads.

Another factor to consider is how accurate the XY table or XYZ system is. This is a question that you should ask before you buy any. Do your research into how accurate it is. If you want a table with higher accuracy, ask for it. Demand for it, it’s your right. A lot of companies that sell XY tables or XYZ systems have expert customer service at hand to help answer whatever question you may have. Ask your questions.

Ask the engineers of the firm that’s selling the tables or systems to give the needed information, concerning what you intend to buy. You can find out more about the table’s specifications like accuracy, maximum payload, speed, repeatability, and resolution.

It is also essential to find out if the XY tables or XYZ systems are affordable. Before you make your mind on what’s affordable, it is advisable to consider the shipping weight, travel, model, and other shipping details. It is crucial that you don’t rush for an XY table or XYZ system because of solely its price, without finding out what features it offers. If it has the specifications that you want, you should consider buying it, no matter how much it may be, or you can shop around for a similar type that’s more affordable. Never sacrifice quality and specifications over cost.

If you want the performance of your table to be improved, it is advisable to opt for a pulley reducer, as it helps in improving the speed, accuracy, as well as resolution of the XY table or XYZ system.