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Why Are Companies Depending More on Branded Links, not Short Links?

Not Private

  • When one uses a link shortener, for example, or, an a+ can be added at the end of the URL and links stats will be shown.
  • This will give a chance your competitors to spy on you, and also others can monitor your performances.


Your Generic short links can be blacklisted

  • There are a lot of shorteners that have used a domain name that is same, and many times they have URL Slugs made of random numbers and letters. Therefore, you can’t trust Generic Short Links, as there is not a clue where the Destination URL is from, and you can never be sure who made it, some spammers or hackers might create it.
  • It can get blacklisted as so many people might use the same domain.
  • You can use some tools and determine whether the domain is blacklisted by entering your IP Address and Host Name.


Some think branded links are long

  • In Twitter, your Branded domain for short links name’s characters aren’t counted.
  • Twenty-three characters are counted for URLs, so why not rather use Brand Name rather than using URL Shortener brand name. Link trust increases up to 39% by using Brand Name.
  • If you look at Twitter, you will see that doesn’t look as good as And both of them contains the same 23 characters even if they are of different lengths.

Destination URL cannot be changed with most URL Shortener services

  • This is a very useful feature and is also very important. For example, what if you put wrong Destination URL by mistake, when you change your content, you will need to redirect the short link to any URL updated, when you want to test a different page for landing, when you want short link for later use to perform any other marketing activity with another Destination URL.
  • Destination URL might need to be changed for different reasons. You should be able to do that easily, and so you will get saved from the time to have to create a new Short Link, as well as frustration.