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Ways in which sales CRM software will transform your leads into deals

Sales and marketing campaigns are in a close relationship when it comes to turning sales into deals. This is why keeping a close eye on both activity areas is mandatory for all businesses in order to succeed in an unstable and continuously developing business climate. A lead has the potential of becoming a loyal customer, maybe your biggest customer up until the now. Whether it’s a person or another company interested in your products or services, you want to make sure that the sales and marketing departments are working effectively and profusely, but most importantly, intelligently, to turn the lead into a deal. Consistent efforts into this direction are maybe the cornerstone of turning leads into sales. A sales CRM for small business but also for large corporations is bpm’online, a great tool that will articulate the actions of those departments with responsibility in these spheres. Interested clients can find out more about this amazing product here: But below are some ways in which sales CRM tools will assist the sales teams in their way to success.

Lead management: What is it?

Simply put, lead management is the cornerstone of a successful sales process. A more technical definition is that lead management is an assembly of philosophies, technologies and strategies that will turn leads into customers. Regardless of which version you prefer, there seems to be a single way of accomplishing this goal, and that way is using intelligent CRM solutions in the process. Luckily, there is a multitude of options on the market when it comes to sales CRM software, besides the celebrity in the industry, bpm’online. For instance, you can find similar products at Nimble or Apptivo.

Lead management: How do CRM solutions help?

Sales CRM, and if you have intelligent CRM software, CRM tools in general, offer a better understanding of all components that can be found down your sales pipeline.

  • Sales CRM products will allow efficiently tracking and capturing sales leads, from a variety of sources. Also, sales persons are allowed to have a closer look on leads from different sources by compressing them into the same database.
  • Moreover, intelligent sales CRM solutions will help you filter through the multitude of leads, only those who are sales-ready.
  • The insightful data delivered to the sales person, will help them make meaningful dialogue and be fully prepared for the sales process, as well as follow ups.
  • Another important aspect of lead management is assigning the right leads to the right sales persons.
  • Yet another advantage brought by these systems is their analytic tools, which will offer more information on lead statistics, rates on lead-to-deal, the number of quality of new leads, etc.

Lead management and marketing

We mentioned in the beginning how one’s activity affects the results registered by the other. Sales CRM systems provide the sales team with insightful marketing analytics features and not only. These products will help you automate the processes of managing, tracking, marketing and selling the products to new or existing leads, depending on the rates of success registered by the sales department. These products also let the teams create and develop new marketing campaigns by analyzing the lead segmentation.