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Use Movavi Screen Recorder to capture a live big data webinar online

Are you tech pro who is always aspiring to stay updated about the latest trends in your industry? Well, big data is one of the most promising aspects of modern tech space. You often have live webinars online about big data to educate dynamic tech pros like you about its hottest trends. Now, what if your schedule clashes with the broadcasting time of the webinar? Well, no need to sweat here as Movavi Screen Recorder is all that you need here. It’s an advanced streaming video recorder which is designed to capture live streaming videos online so that you can save them in your pc and then watch them when you are free. Thanks to the Movavi program, you can even watch the saved videos without wasting your bandwidth.

Here is a brief on how to capture streaming videos with Movavi Screen Recorder.

Download & install

The first thing is to download & install Movavi Screen Recorder in your system.

Set capture parameters

Your next task is to set capture parameters of the webinar. Now, open the website where the webinar will be played. You have to draw capture frame right over video to set recording area. Users can do that manually by adjusting the frame in respect to the size of the online video window.

You certainly need the audio with the webinar video. So, click on System Audio symbol before starting the capturing process.

Record your webcast

Click on REC tab and it will commence the recording. After 3 seconds, click on Play button on video player to start the recording finally. After you have captured the webinar, simply click on Stop and & the recording will be stopped. Your recorded video will be consequently saved in your hard drive  in the default MKV format.

Convert the recorded video

If the MKV format is too large for you, you can easily convert the recorded webinar in any popular video format with Movavi Screen Recorder. Click on Save As in preview window & select your desired setting. You can also open More presets list for more formats. Now, click on Save to save your recorded video in your desired format.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Captures any kind of live video online, including webinars, streaming videos and video chats
  • Ability to trim and edit videos
  • Grabs sound from various sources
  • Supports all popular audio and video formats
  • Can convert recorded video in any format without loss of quality

Useful tips for users

  • In case, you are looking to capture the webinar video in optimum resolution, select monitor name in Full Screen from preset list.

If you are too busy to sit before your PC while the recording is running, simply click on alarm clock & specify the recording duration.