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Things to Think About When Taking Your Business to a New Location

As with everything else in business, it’s best if you have a plan. Moving your business is not fun. While my business primarily is writing and research, I do have couple of other ventures. I recently had to move one that is an after-school program. In this program there were a couple of main reasons I changed location but the major one was rent costs. For more visit our website today.

These are the issues I dealt with:

It is necessary to give clients the information early. In a situation like this they have to be able to make the arrangements necessary to get the kids to the location and they have to get comfortable with directions.

You have to cope with starting and stopping services such as water and Internet. You have to have bills put in your name. This was a particular pain because I had to pay for two bills for a while.

There is a lag of cost. It was necessary to get the new location ready. There could not be a period with no services so the work had to go on while we were still paying for the old location. If a person owned their old location it would even be worse because they would have to sell and buy-not necessarily in that order.

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It was necessary to run a couple of ads to let people know where we were now located.

The way that I handled the physical move was to employ two of my three sons as well as their friends. I paid six people $25.00 and rented a U-Haul. The physical move went pretty smooth. For more visit our website A1 Business.

Even with all of our planning the business had to be closed for a couple days. It was either that or hire everybody over the weekend.

The other moves I have been in involved not being the owner rather an executive. In those situations we gave the employees the chance to participate for a bonus as far as helping us move. This allowed them to pack their own stuff and see that it was handled in a way that they were happy about. Also we were assured things would be handled well and further it was a way to give the employees something valuable (money) and make what stereotypically is dreaded into a good situation for camaraderie.

There is no question that no matter what the business moving it is traumatic. Human beings, if I am a fair representative of the species, hate change.

Whether it is using the facility or working at the facility it is not fun to change your routine. For more visit Company setup in Singapore.