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Synchronizing iTunes Android with Syncmate

Moving anywhere and everywhere with our favorite set of songs is great as we can listen to it whenever we wish to. It does help to lighten the moment and lift spirits up.

You can now synchronize iTunes Android through the app called SyncMate.

SyncMate, an app to synchronize iTunes Android. It will be able to sync the iTunes playlist from Mac to Android equipment which you usually carry along with you.

Let us know more about SyncMate

It is a wondrous sync tool for Android and Mac tablets and phones. Indeed, it can do much more than you can perceive!

With the free SyncMate version, you will be able to easily sync calendar and contact details on Mac along with its analogs on your Android. On the other hand SyncMate Expert will unveil greater number of syncing possibilities. You will be able to sync folders, images, videos, music and a wide list of possibilities between your Android and Mac.

Here is how you can sync iTunes on Mac with Android

Get the app SyncMate app downloaded and you need to install it on Mac.

After opening the app get it upgraded to the Expert version so that you can use iTunes sync to the best of potential. You can get the upgrade done though the official website of SyncMate too.

To the left section of the app, click on ‘Add New. After this select the Android option. Now get the device linked to Mac.

To the top section of the panel you need to select the sign”+”. After this, from the plugins list you need to click on “iTunes”. Get the sync customized as per your requirements. Expert will help in syncing iTunes playlists on Mac with the playlists on Android. Directly through SyncMate, it is possible for you to create a fresh playlist in your Android device.

Alter the video and audio conversion settings in case you need to do so.

From the list, click on the synced pair and then click on “Sync”. This will help you to get the playlist synchronized between Android and Mac.



SyncMate helps to sync Mac computers with other Mac systems, storages like Dropbox, iCloud, Google, iOS devices, online accounts, Windows services like Outlook, Business editions, and Office 365 Home.