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Social media’s impact on PR

Social media has revolutionized the world of business in all aspects. The global access to companies and buyers has interlinked the business community in a much better way. From advertising to getting feedback, social media helps in all communication types. This resulted in a major influence on the Public Relations discipline of business since it controls business communication primarily. Here are some ways enlisted for you to know how social media has impacted PR over the years.

Greater focus on customer opinion:

PR primarily used to focus on mainstream media and making statements on the part of company ownership. But now, PR pays more attention to what customers have to say. Social media is a strong platform for customers to raise voice if their complaints do not receive due attention. They can even launch a social media campaign against a brand which it cannot afford. This is why PR is now very active and listens to all the complaints and concerns of the customers. This gives more credit and reliability to PR and eventually the brand. This means that customers are more empowered now and PR has to satisfy them at all costs. Says

24/7 news cycle keeps PR on edge:

The social media platforms have news networks which work 24/7 and this is both a blessing and a curse for PR. When there is a new exciting product or upgrade, PR can easily spread the word on social media. All of the users are most likely to get updates within a day or two. However, along with these perks, social media renders PR at disadvantage too. When something goes wrong or even a single customer has a bad experience. The news goes viral way more quickly than PR can handle. This way, PR has to be extra active to look out for any such critical situations. A little negligence or delay on PR’s part can bring the brand to the ground within days. This is why the PR cell has to be extra active now due to such speedy news networks on social media.

PR is now availed by small business orientations too:

Just a few years back, only multi-million dollars firms and politicians could afford Public Relations units. But now with the help of social media, large numbers of people are not required for PR teams. Rather anyone with a PC or a smartphone and internet connection can communicate well with his customers. This has enabled small businesses to have blogs, websites and social media pages where people can contact them easily. So PR is not something restricted to rich people and powerful businesses only. Says

PR can now access a wider population:

There was a time when PR had to rely on local newspapers and television channels to establish connections with people. They had a big room for mistakes and PR could not correct them promptly. But now with the improvement in social media, PR can access a global population. This means that it is easier for PR to make brands attain international customer-base and flourish all over the world. In addition to this, if any ambiguity or problem arises PR can deal with it immediately. Social media has made the direct intervention of PR easier and more reliable.

Timely response and feedback collection:

Thanks to social media, it is more convenient for PR to gather feedback from people all over the world. The PR from different brands now contact users to review and recommend their products on social media too. These changing social media trends have, undoubtedly, changed the way PR traditionally worked.

So it can be said that social media has had a very huge and lasting impact on PR.