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Secure ID Cards for any Safer Business

Employees, staff, clients and then any individuals connected by having an organisation are among their finest assets. Regardless of whether you run a small company, a college, institution or perhaps a large corporation, protecting your people and keeping them safe is really a main concern for just about any business or organisation.

Probably the most viable yet effective means to fix ensure a lot of security around the employees and sources is ID cards.

Fundamental Photo Identification versus. High Security Program

There are many types of cards utilised by different organisations or enterprises according to their work needs. Prepaid credit cards may vary from an easy credit card which includes simply a fundamental photo and bar code to some government issued license having a coloured photo, encoded information along with a secure hologram pattern.

While all of the kinds usually are meant to precisely identify an individual, most organisations decide to identify their users beyond a fundamental photo.

High security ID cards incorporate several layers of security to be able to reduce fraudulent breaches and forgery attempts. These extra security layers include inclusion of user photo, magnetic stripes, barcodes or smart card chips for an ID which will help tostrengthen security and reduce the probability of unauthorized access or use.

Common ID card security choices for your company

While it may be oerwhelming to select from the number of user card identification options, it’s inevitable to think about available alternatives make an educated decision.

With respect to the use of the ID card, you can buy the next options:


Barcodes are among the most typical and also the easiest tool to encode information within the limited quantity of available space with an ID card.

The good thing about barcodes is they could be rapidly scanned to authenticate the identification from the user, thus accelerating the verification process and eliminating the likelihood of manual input errors.


One other popular means to fix maximise the effectiveness of ID cards, holograms present an array benefits and features for organisations to improve security, reduce counterfeit and safeguard their sources.

Holograms be custom and generic overlay laminates with fixed patterns which are embedded around the ID card with an ID card printer. To include more uniqueness for your cards, you are able to customise the generic pattern based on the application.

Magnetic Stripe

The skinny black bar you’ll want observed on the rear of your debit or charge card is what is known as a magnetic stripe (magstripe), containing vital information in regards to the user’s identity and account.

Because of its magnetic property, magstripe technologies are a dependable choice for access control and attendance tracking applications.

The Takeaway

Companies, whether it’s a government corporation, a college or perhaps a retail company, are susceptible to identity, thievery, information leaks and security breaches, which could be expensive of capital while putting the security of the employees and sources in danger.