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Secrets That a TV Salesman Will Not Tell You

Are you planning to purchase a new television set soon? Well, you are the person who should read this article. It contains several things that a TV salesman will never tell you. Sales targets are what many salesmen are concerned with and forget that they need to advise the customer on a few things about the best television. So, take time and understand the following few secrets.

The Best Brand

While some salesmen may just tell you to buy a certain brand without any justification, others do not explain the different features. Besides, it is hard to be a salesman unless you are really talented with a cunning language. Even if they do not tell you, you should know that the best brands in the market include Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and LG. Well, there may be others which you may find conforming to your requirements.

The Importance of Power Surge Protectors

TV salesmen are only interested in persuading you to buy the new model in the market. What they always forget to advise you about is the importance of power surge protectors. Sometimes, there may be an upsurge of electric current flowing into your house. If no surge protectors are not installed, your electronics may be spoilt in the process. Your TV will not be left behind. They cost of repair may have a huge financial implication especially when your warranty period has passed. Ensure you remember to purchase a power surge protector for your television set.

You Should Purchase a New TV Set in September or January

Many manufacturers unveil their new models in the months of September and January. Moreover, this is the time that the prices go way down for discounted models. This is attributed to the fact that many people want to buy a TV in September so as to make their family watching time worthwhile. Others want to buy a new set in January to start the year with a new gadget. Black Friday sales at different stores and online markets have become rampant. You should check CompareRaja for some great deals.

You Should Not Spend Money on Fancy HMDI Cable

The sweet and cunning words from salesmen propel us into buying the wrong items. Some even make us buy items that we do not require. Do not be misled when it comes to buying HDMI cable for your television set. The one you can buy at ten dollars is as good as the one you may buy for a hundred bucks. It is important to note that some salesmen may not get the facts right.


Before going out to shop for a television set, just take time to do a comprehensive research about available brands. Furthermore, check on the features of the TVs for comparison. The salesmen in many retail shops may not feel obliged to volunteer crucial information about the TVs on sale. All they care about is getting a hefty sales commission at the expense of selling any type of TV set.