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Restore Deleted Files Free of Charge with Piriform Recuva

Have you ever heard that you deleted an important file, dropped it out of the trash, and after a few days you remembered that you needed this file? I have just done this recently: I cut down the MPEG from the hard drive. After that, I still managed to defragment the hard disk and added a whole new set of files, which would be almost an end to the restoration of the desired material. The experts at hard disk drive recovery service can recover data in this situation as well.

The PiriformRecuva program even after these operations has also been able to recover a few gigabytes of files! So check out how you can save deleted files from both hard disks and flash memory and memory cards.

Right after launching the program, a guide will guide you through the process. Of course, you can turn off the wizard mode in the first step by choosing ‘Do not show this Wizard on startup’. But I personally recommend the wizard mode.

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Continue, as otherwise, by pressing the Next button. This will take you to the second step where you tell the application what files you want to find and recover. The options are as follows:

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After clicking the Next button you are asked where you want to look for missing files. The options are:

  • I’m not sure – choose this option if you are not sure where the files were originally found. Recuva then scans the entire computer, including removable media.
  • On my media card – Select this when the desired files are on a removable media (such as flash memory, card reader, or mass storage camera).
  • In My Documents – Searches for default document folders.
  • In the Recycle Bin – If you are sure that you have the file in the trash, and then you have run out of the trash or if the file has been deleted by the system because it is full, this option is ideal.
  • In a specific location – Searches for deleted files on the selected disk or folder.

The correct selection of the searched location, of course, greatly affects the speed of searching for deleted files – it is quite clear that the first choice in which Recuva scans the entire computer takes more time than searching for a specific folder.

There are also similar programs to recover data from Apple Mac notebook’s hard drive. But where these program don’t work, Apple hard drive recovery services work there.