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Pros & Cons Of Instant Bookings For Online Holiday Rentals

Getting instant bookings online can be a hot topic with holiday rental business owners. In addition to the many debates as to whether owners should be taking instant bookings for their business, some of the confusion in the field is down to not having enough information about the topic in question.

We took a look at instant book blog to see what advice their vacation rental tech business has to offer when it helps its customers deal with instant bookings. Firstly, let’s take a look at the basics of instant booking and what it can do for your holiday rental business.

What is instant booking?

Taking bookings is essential to the survival of your holiday rental business, instant bookings is just one way of getting your holiday properties filled for the season. The process of instant booking needs no prior contact with the provider when a booking is made. This kind of booking process is very popular on list sites like AirBnb and is one of the key factors some guests look for when booking their getaway.

Potential guests simply select their required dates, accpet the terms an conditions of a stay with the chosen provider and then pay all within the same session. This is a fast route for guests to book their escape without the hassle of having to wait for the middle man to do the paperwork.

What are the pros of instant booking?

There are many more pros than cons when it comes to instant booking so let’s look at the most important pros for adopting the instant booking process for your holiday rental business.

Better Conversion Rates – Everyone is in a hurry these days, having an easy to use booking system which require no tale backs can lead to a much better conversion rate as guests aren’t put off by a long winded process. Making everything easy and convenient for guests makes your business much more attractive.

Improved Credibility – Having an instant booking process gives your holiday rental business the edge over competitors. Straightforward, easy and user friendly, instant booking means more guests are likely to use your booking system because it’s everything they need in a few clicks. This extra credibility also looks good for listing sites as their algorithms favour holiday rental  sites which use instant booking systems.

Never Miss Any Bookings – Instant bookings means there aren’t any open trails of paperwork to find, or miss. Guests make their payment to secure their booking all in one go, meaning your holiday rentals are being filled with minimal effort from your bookings team.

Cons of using the instant booking process

With any list of pros, there’s always some cons to go with them. Here’s some cons to the popular instant booking system.

Decisions Aren’t Yours – Using an instant booking system takes the bookings almost completely out of your control. Pressing book on a booking system involves no screening for the guests coming to stay in your properties. This can lead to a reduced feeling of security from owners as they don’t know what kind of people are coming to stay in their property.

Potential Increase In Cancellations – Some guests make a booking purely to bide their time while still making a decision on whether or not to take a trip away. Bagging a property while thinking about a getaway is a common action among potential guests but this can be combatted by a clear display of cancellation terms.

Negative Reviews – New owners don’t get to know their guests before arrival and therefore don’t get the chance to make certain changes before arrivals. This can lead to guest disappointment and negative reviews on important travel sites. Get Car Parts Peugeot 1007 from website.