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Photo Editing And Technology Advancement

Image editing is not a topic of the digital age alone. Since people take pictures, the pictures and their appearance are also influenced. Editing is only a part of the image design that already begins with the selection of the lens, the aperture, the exposure time and earlier the selection of a film. If I am to add a factor from this chain, then It should be using a windows photo editor for the final touches.

The use of various filters when photographing affect the photo and it is called picture editing.  Which is finally exposed on the film or the chip stored. Thus, this technique is not a newfangled invention. The advantage of the present time, however, is that you can use these filter effects later in the photo editing.

Some Filters That can Help In Photo Editing

  • Polarizers
  • Color filters
  • Black filters
  • Gray gradient filtersphoto editing

The next step was and is the development of the photo. Today, photo editing is done conveniently with the right apps, earlier it all happened in the darkroom. Terms that we use in photo editing these days such as “lightening or darkening” of the individual image comes from “dodging and re-exposure” which were used earlier.

When creating and exposing the negatives and the prints, there were already many possibilities in the darkroom to “change” the picture. Different exposure times could be used, different chemicals or photo papers gave different results. All these are things that can be implemented today in digital editing with different sliders. Here, the contrast can be changed, the color temperature of the image contrasts increased, lightening lows and many other factors on the image are affected.

Pros Of The Advancement Of Technology On Photo Editing

  1. Photo editing is about the deliberate manipulation of image content. Heads are exchanged, people are retouched out of pictures, fantasy pictures are created. And all of this was done in the darkroom. Of course, with much greater effort and the results were not necessarily as clinically perfect as with the digital tools of today.
  2. Photo editing is easier today and not limited to professionals alone. Earlier it was more complex with the selection of the lens, the aperture, the exposure time the selection of a film which is totally done by a professional.
  3. Photo editing today can be done with filters after the production of an image but before it must be done in the darkroom and is part of the image production.
  4. Editing of images can also be done conveniently with smartphones and windows at any place.