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MLtek Loves What They Do and Care about Their Clients – Go Ahead Contact Them

 MLtek is software designing company open in 2003 by Mark Laverty. He was working in the IT industry for over 10 years when Mark decided that there were gaps in the software market especially for software solution specializing in the most common problems in IT and computers. Plus, the ones that were offered were too complex and were very overpriced. Every one of the products was developing following this statement to its conclusion. “If only I could find a piece of software that ‘X’”

Simple IT solutions

In 2003 this business opened in the United Kingdom where it is still based and providing software solutions in the field of IT infrastructure which had some challenges. The entire staff and company of MLtek are commented to creating software concentrating in IT field that solves huge problems in very simple ways. Archiver.FS; Ultimate Monitor and Process Controller are all three examples of this company’s approach in creating software solutions in simple ways. Their products are simple, clean and targeted designs that focus on a precise problem and attack the problem in a single-minded resolve.


They are members of many industry organizations including the Organization of Independent Software Vendors.

If you have any comments, questions or any feedback in general, the company actually wants to get your mail or phone calls. They put value in what their clients say – opinions are really appreciated so if you have some to tell them then do it.

Here are some important email addresses:

  • – Pre-sales enquiries
  • Orders@Mltek.Software – Post-sales enquiries
  • Sales@MLtek.Software – Support Enquiries

This company is good about responding within 12 hours, no matter when they get your mail. This company really cares about their clients.

Call them

You also can call them by phone at +44 (0)844 4458182. They do try to be on hand most days and answer the phone but there are times when the workload is huge and customer hours vary a lot from UK time. But if they cannot handle your call immediately you can be assured that if you leave a message it will be responded to within 24 hours maximum.