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Make it smart with the boosted App

I for one enjoy reading and writing about new gadgets. And so I am here with you guys to bring you the Boosted electric board’s quick discussion.

Boosted Dual + is a great electric skateboard that has created a lot of hype in this past year. And why wouldn’t it. It is simply awesome.

A must have for adventure seekers, this board brings you with an amazing speed of up to 24mph, a great stability on board to provide you with complete safety and a great App.

The App is simply great and lets you handle so much about this board.With the Boosted app you’ll get software updates for your board as soon as they’re released, which includes features like increasing top speed and improving battery life. You can also check all kinds of stats about your board in a flash, like reading the odometer to see how far you just rode, or the estimated battery and range you have remaining. Enable notifications to let you know when your board is done charging. Plus, you can discover new spots to ride your board and find answers to your questions on the go. You can even name your board something awesome like “Theflying horse” or my personal favorite “The Silver Surfer”

The Boosted App has 2 awesome modes. The “Stealth” & the “Hyper” mode. The stealth mode is made for ordinary cursing and less battery life usage. A power saving feature, like you use on a smartphone, if you will.

On the other hand the hyper mode is much more aggressive. Let’s you provide some extra “boost”. Obviously it takes some more juice and battery runs out quickly comparatively. But it provides a 25% more hill climbing power and a 24 mph top speed. Which is purely awesome.

The components of the electric skateboard don’t operate in isolation, they talk to each other as a system. The company designed new software to optimize communication to make sure the motor driver, battery, and drivetrain work together in perfect synch.

Boosted have designed a special app for its boards that are compatible with both Android and IOS.

Designed for your comfort, it is made light enough to be carried around anywhere. If you are an adventure loving enthusiast, enjoy your carefree and thrilling rides with this super cool second generation dual+ electric skateboard.