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Learn How To Track Your Device Using Smartphones

Did you ever lost your car in the huge parking lot and ran around the wide area while clicking the panic button. You hear the voice of the siren still cannot erven find the glimpse of your car. I know how much frustrating it could be especially if it is a hot sunny day with the sun scorching down at you.

What to do for saving ourselves from such an ordeal situation? No, obviously you do not need an over-expensive GPS system. You will have to pay subscription changes per month too. However, one such invention could help you out in finding your car within no time.

Do you want to know what is it? Keep reading:

A startup based in California created a small device, which operates with any smart handheld device.


Having the size of a quarter it is the state-of-the-art device used for tracking vehicles. It isimprovising the way people keep a track of all the important items of their lives.

How does it Work?

The device is easy to use. You only have to install it. Download the application in your smart mobile phone and connect the app with your device. In this way, it is ready to use. Just attach TrackR to whichever vehicle you want for keeping the tabs on. This entire procedure comprising of the setup just takes 5 minutes or less.

The user can also attach it to their keys, wallet, briefcase, along with their latest tech assets and gadgets. It can be attached with anything else theydo not want to lose or miss. Simply use the TrackR app to find the missing items within few seconds.

Neglect overly expensive GPS systems or tracking technologies and software. No one wants to pay steeply priced month-to-month subscription fees. Just think how demanding these items may be, and that is the motive for the manufacturing ofTrackR. This tool is your most important asset whilst you want to attend to greater crucial things in lifestyles.

Do not forget the car situation above? When you have the TrackR, you can just disguise it underneath your automobile’s ground mat, in the trunk or within the glove compartment. You will not be able to find it if your vehicle is stolen.

If you forget about in which you parked your automobile, whip out your cellphone and open the TrackR app. tap at the “lost object” icon on the display and the app will tell you the precise coordinates of the last recognized area of the TrackR.

What else can I do with TrackR?

As I have mentioned above, TrackR provides unlimited possibilities. This device, though, being too small is unobtrusive enough that one can attach it to their pets. You can place it on our collar, while the problems of searching for it as the items scamper off to any nearby places will be ended! Connect it to the keys, wallet, and any accessories. Now you do not have to waste a minute digging the entire house for it.

Apart from the Android App Development UK is inventing many new devices and technologies. So, much is just around the corner.