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How to utilize the ON Page SEO in the best way possible?

Search engine optimization or SEO is generally of two types. The on page search engine optimization and the off page search engine optimization. The on page SEO is more efficient as it allows doingadvertising marketing on site. There are certain features that need to be followed to build a successful account for posting ads that will be ranked high in the search engine search list. These features may include Meta descriptions and Meta data. To get an easier and clearer concept let us read the following.

Start the title tag with the relevant keyword

The most on page SEO factor is the title tag of the page of the ad. If the keyword is more close to the title then it will have more chance to get ranked higher in the search engine.

The title should contain modifiers

To get the ad to be ranked for long rail version of the targeted keywords, adding modifies to the title is important. The modifiers may include 2017, best, guide, review and many more.

Usage of URLs that are SEO friendly

While posting an ad one should be careful enough not to use ugly and too big URLs. The URLs should be short and they should have the relevant keywords. If the URL is shorter it has a better chance to rank high in the search engine.

It is important to wrap the title of the ad in the headline tag

The headline tag that is abbreviated as the h1 tag should be incorporated in your ad. If the headlines with the relevant keywords are wrapped in a headline tag it has a better chance to get ranked high in the search engine. There are certain marketing network sites that automatically generate this h1 tag.

Use media to make the post more interesting

Two of the most important user interaction ranking factors are getting more time on site and also reducing bounce rate. If you use various images, videos and diagrams in your ad it reduces the bounce rate and also increases the time on site thus your ad will be ranked high on the search engine.

Using the h2 tag

It is important to include the relevant and targeted keywords in at least one subheading. And this subheading needs to get wrapped in under the H2 tag.

Use the keyword with the first 100 words

To get the ad ranked high in the search engine the relevant and target keyword should be used within the first 100 words of the article.

The design should be responsive

In 2015 the sites those were mobile unfriendly were penalized by Google. Thus is because there is a chance that they might crack down more in the future. Responsive design is important to. Make your site mobile friendly.

Some other important factors are:-

  • Usage of outbound links
  • Using internal links
  • Boosting the speed of the site
  • Using LSI keywords
  • Optimization of image
  • Using social sharing options
  • The content should be long enough
  • The dwell time should be boosted