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How to use CRM software for advertising agencies

What does each client expect? Of course, highly-qualitative service. This rule can also be applied to the clients of the advertising agency. That is why in the modern advertising business, accounting is not so important as competent work with clients. That can provide the company with stable orders and sales.

All information for each client and each project is stored in the CRM. At any time, the project manager can:

– find the file, document, invoice;

-view the history of the project;

– use this data for a new project with the client;

– use information about customers and transactions;

 – remind about important events, plan seasonal offers and promotions.

What are the results of the fact that proper attention is not payed to the customer relationship management system

Of course, there are certain risks, namely:

– the risk of losing information about customers due to the disparity of accounting or its complete absence;

– personnel risk – loss of unique information in the case of the dismissal of one of the employees;

– the risk of a damaged reputation due to poor reception and processing of customer requests.

How to avoid all these risks? It’s necessary to install effective CRM software for advertising agencies, which is as important as the automation of advertising accounting.

Bpm’online CRM for advertising agencies

Bpm’online offers a CRM tool for advertising and media agencies which make it possible for them to acquire new customers, increase sales and cross sales, manage processes, projects and finances of the business. Bpm’online for advertising knows how to reach target audiences by streamlining key business processes. CRM product, working on the platform Bpm’online for advertising, will allow your advertising agency following opportunities:

  • fixing the history of relationships with all counterparties, including clients, partners and suppliers;
  • formation of a single CRM database for all employees;
  • elimination of information “gaps” in the advertising agency due to the establishment of interaction between departments.
  • debugging and automation of business processes with their subsequent integration into the working environment;
  • quality control of services through registration of complaints received from customers;
  • formation of analytical reports and calculation of sales volumes;
  • analysis and planning of various marketing activities;
  • establishment of long-term relationships with each client;
  • integration with existing Bpm’online software products and applications.

These are the features of all CRM programs in general as well as of the CRM software for advertising agencies and other companies working in the advertising business.

The Optima CRM for advertising agencies

The Optima CRM system is developed on the basis of the popular open-source solution Vtiger CRM and is maximally adapted to the requirements of advertising business. The basic version of the system contains modules which take over from the employee most of the routine work and allow them to spend more time interacting with customers.

There are all the main functions of the sales department, which allows you to customize CRM fully for the business processes that are adopted in your company. In addition, Optima CRM is offered as a ready-made cloud service, which simplifies the task of its implementation. If you need to customize the system for the specific needs of the business – the developers of Optima CRM will be happy to help you. At the moment, 2 ready-made industry solutions are already available for the real estate agency and for the advertising agency.

The practical benefit of using an automated CRM system in advertising is invaluable:

  • the business strategy becomes more “client-oriented”;
  • a powerful platform  is created for developing new methods of working with clients and improving the quality of service.
  • the advertising agency benefits in the form of increased profits and reduced staff time.