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How to Scare Away Trolls on Instagram

With more than 500 million number of monthly active Instagram users. Instagram attracts new users, markets and brands from all over the planet. But as the popularity of this platform continues to increase, the population of trolls on Instagram also increases.

The comments of the trolls can negatively impact the image of your brand and change the perception that other users have about your brand. Most trolls come as a result of how famous you are or the number of likes you get per post. However, you can easily increase the amount or number of likes you get by posting quality updates or through the use of buy automatic Instagram likes. But how can you prevent a pair of wild trolls from ruining all the effort you put into your content and insulting your audience?

Manage Instagram Comments   

You cannot always stop the trolls from doing their misdeeds, but you can prevent them from getting the attention they so desperately want.

Instagram now allows users to hide inappropriate content from your account. This function uses an intelligent system that hides comments marked as spam or offensive.

To activate this function just go to Settings and select the Comments option. Set up your rules and watch the comments of those trolls disappear.

If you want to go further, there is another option that Instagram offers you.

You can create your list of words commonly used by trolls in your industry. This will help greatly to separate authentic content from your followers and trolls.

Once you have chosen the words you want to watch, you must create your automatic moderation rules according to your preferences. You can, for example, create automatic rules so that content that includes certain words is revised or deleted or assigned to the correct member in your team.

Disable Comments

As an Instagram user, you can block users from commenting on your content and even suspend comments on certain of your posts. However, this raises a big question: If the trolls are bothering you and disabling your comments, will they have achieved their goal? There is no correct answer to this question.

Comments are important to social networks and an essential ingredient to achieve success. Attending to comments from your community is quite an awesome trick to increase interaction and nurture your audience. But, when may it be necessary to suspend them?

If the Instagram account you manage is constantly attacked and you have tried other methods that do not work for you, then disabling comments for one of your posts for a while can help.

Doing it is not that difficult, you can deactivate comments for a new post in the “advanced settings” option.

You can as well push further to deactivate comments on content that you have posted already. Click or tap on the 3 points that appear next to your photo and deactivate the comments.

This is a fairly effective measure to scare away trolls, though it is also very extreme and will prevent you from building and nurturing relationships with your audience.

Report Trolls on Instagram   

The accounts of the trolls on Instagram deserve to be treated as the spam they must be blocked. In addition to not adding any value to the conversation, they make other followers feel uncomfortable.

Do Not Feed Trolls on Instagram

The trolls are not there to converse with your brand and contribute something to your followers. Normally, trolls on Instagram seek to control the conversation and damage the reputation of your brand, not the ones you allow.