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How to Replace and Resolve common brother drum unit?

Most of the people often mess with replacing and resolving brother drum. Now, if you are the one who is facing that problem.

Then you will get your problem solved by reading this article.

Usually, “Replace Brother Drum” message error is a common problem most of the people ask me. This is a quite common error you can quickly fix this by following the simple process.

In this article you will learn about these common problems:

  • What is brother drum?
  • Why do you find replace drum?
  • How to replace the brother drum?
  • How to rest the brother drum and clear “Replace drum” error.
  • Where to buy a new brother drum unit for the low price.

What does replace drum mean?

Usually, for a laser printer, a drum unit should be maintained and replaced once in a while. Here you don’t have to replace your drum unit as often as toner cartridge but you have to replace them for a while.

The brother drum is a green metal cylinder which has a static electrical charge. It attracts the toner powder from the toner cartridge and it applies it to the paper. Then it passes through the printer, that’s why you will find drum unit closer to the toner cartridge.

Why do you find replace drum message?

As this is closer to the toner cartridge the drum unit requires some sort of maintenance because it attracts powder from toner and it applies to the paper. That’s why maintaining it on regular basis is best, coming to the message it reminds you all when it is misplaced or it needs maintenance.

How to replace brother drum?

Brother drum unit is usually closer to the toner cartridge so you have to open the front flip of your printer.

  1. Open front flap of your printer and then find the toner cartridge.
  2. Now check beneath the toner cartridge unit you will find drum unit.
  3. You have to pull out the toner cartridge by pulling green toner locking leavers down.
  4. Slowly pull the cartridge out of the machine and place that on a flat surface.
  5. Now, press the green lever on the toner cartridge and lift the toner off the drum unit.
  6. Then replace the drum unit and lock the toner and re-insert them carefully.

How to clear the “Replace Drum” Message or Reset Drum unit?

Even after replacing your drum unit if you are getting “replace drum” message means?

It might be the chip problem. Usually, some of the drum units manufactures have these chips to identify drum units with the printer after you installed them.

If you are using quality drum units means you don’t have these problems. Now, to get quality drum units buy brother drum at 123ink Canada. This is best one which will avoid these chip problems.

In case if you are using chip version means you have to check the chip. Then only it will associate with your printer and error message will be avoided.

In some cases, you are having a solution for that.

  • On your printer just press “Clear”
  • Then Press the number 1. (Or) Press the up arrow key in some printers.
  • After that ensure you can see the “Accepted” message on your printer display.

This can sort of out this issues.

Now, let get into the final topic.

Where to get a new brother drum unit for low prices:

Getting a brand new brother drum unit for the low price is obviously a difficult task in this digital marketing era. Because all the marketers will say they are using low-cost prices. Now, each and every one can’t search for the number of sites to get the best price.

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