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How to Avoid the Common Mistakes While Choosing an AWS Alternative

Cloud hosting services are becoming the single point solution to data management, streamlined functionality as well as guaranteed security and storage. Most of the AWS alternative web-hosting companies are offering a variety of features with a 99.9% uptime.

One can easily get baffled while choosing a cloud hosting service provider. Here are some common mistakes which need to be avoided while moving to cloud server from traditional hosting.

Common mistakes

Choosing the provider

Before selecting a UK VPS, many businesses don’t research enough about the provider. Browsing a provider’s different hosting categories helps one to find the perfect web hosting solution.

  • Many hosting packages promise to provide unlimited bandwidth. But, in truth, some of them come with limiting factors like throttling a site while approaching a certain bandwidth.
  • Reading customer reviews, complaints about a provider can be helpful.
  • One needs to check if a provider has a CDN (Content Delivery Network). It enables static of a website; that means users get enhanced speed from different places.
  • A provider must have the facility to save data in case of any data migration.


As all cloud servers are not created equal, not all the AWS alternative cloud hosting providers use the latest security measures.

A secured cloud server provider must:

  • Have spam experts for emails.
  • Use secured servers.
  • Scan their servers regularly.


Cloud servers can be located from anywhere in the world. But, there’s a high possibility of a little downtime if the server is far away from a website’s target customers. Hence, choosing a cloud hosting provider closer to the company customer base avoids any downtime.

Cloud costs

Before making a buying decision for an AWS alternative cloud hosting service, one needs to look into different plans offered by a provider. Doing this avoids any unnecessary costs.

Don’t get lured into a cheap or a free hosting solution as they might cause problems such as inadequate features and unwanted random advertisements on the site.

These advertisements can slow down a website, and the site might lose SEO points. On the other hand, providers offer certain UK VPS plans for smaller sites, newbies in the vast expanding online space. It’s vital that one chooses a plan as per the business growth expectations.

Backup mistakes

It’s advised to not to rely only on a host’s backup. Even the biggest names in the fields of cloud hosting lose data. One needs to perform regular backups.

One host, many websites

If more than one sites have a common server, all the websites will go down if the server crashes. The best way to avoid this situation is to ask your provider to split the account across different servers.

The biggest mistake businesses make is that they don’t take the advantages of various aspects of the cloud computing and storage. Cloud is the most effective way to not only optimise business process but also reduce expenses relative to data logistics. With all the given information, one can surely avoid the hosting mistakes made by most of the people.