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How SEO Competition Works?

Many SEO service providers require you to sign at least a 3-month contract on top of a usually high setup fee.  Beyond the fact that these chargesadd to an SEO provider’s income, they do make sense to some degree.

It usually requires several months of optimization efforts to see actual results, so these SEO providers prefer that their clients don’t cancel their service too quickly. But if they were sure about the results they can get you, and they made the effort to get to know your company, they probably wouldn’t require you to sign a contract, if you really think about it.

In addition, what frequently happens is that an SEO sales representative will give you a fixed price quote without checking to see if you can afford it. Like a lot of sales reps, they only want to close the sale.

What Do You Need?

Some businesses don’t get involved in what I do. After they hire me, they give me permission to determine what needs to be accomplished. Other business people are more hands-on. They want to know what’s going on. They are quite proud of their website, so they want to be in control and approve all job tasks. Either approach works for me. I can adapt to whatever preference you have.

For the companies that have a developer or a web designer on staff, I usually function as if I were an SEO consultant, advising them so they do the coding and optimization tasks I suggest.

I’ll never make you bound to a pricing contract. My preference is to develop a business relationship with my customers. But I know that not every business relationship is ideal. So, you are free to end our relationship at any point in time.

I’m happy to say that my SEO customers maintain a relationship with me not because they are bound to a contract; rather, they like my attention to detail and my commitment to assisting them in improving their business finances through SEO, digital marketing, and finally by giving them sound value.

I encourage you to try me out and complete the form below. It won’t cost you anything to try me!

My SEO optimization video audit includes:

  • Technical Coding Issues
  • Directories/Backlinks
  • Business Listings
  • Ratings/Reviews
  • Traffic Conversion
  • Menu Structure
  • Keyword Research
  • Competition Analysis

I look forward to working with you soon.