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Home Automation Before Building a New Home

Home automation includes all the techniques to control and automate the house. In other words, a home automation system allows you to program and control remotely (or locally) your devices that have been integrated into a network (electrical, WIFI, radio waves) or a cabling system. They are controlled by a Central Computer program, which can be compared to the “brain” of the house.

This can be managed remotely via the Internet with a mobile phone.  

Thus, the home automation system thinks and acts for you. With it, you can control the simultaneous closure of the shutters of the house and the gate, control the ambient temperature by pressing a remote control, schedule the watering of your garden every night at 20h, whether you are at home or not. You can seek Home Automation London professional help to get this done.

Here are three good reasons why you should equip your future house with home automation;


With a home automation system, you gain in comfort. You control the temperature inside your house, room by room according to the time slots you have chosen. You can schedule the heating of your bathroom every morning at 7 am or decide to heat the whole house remote by phone or email so that it is at a good temperature when you come back from the weekend.

Control Your Energy Consumption

With a home automation system, your energy costs are calculated, and you become a player in sustainable development. Thanks to the program, you regulate the heating of the house by heating the rooms of your choice when you need it, and same for the lighting, you use only the necessary intensity in the room where you are.

In general, your bill reflects your way of life since you spend only what you consume, without any waste, your energy costs get reduced by 30 to 70%.

Autonomy and Security

Another priority of home automation is security, of your home and its residents:

The system can control presence detectors and alarms and contact the owner or a surveillance company in the case of an intrusion. A videophone allows you to know who is on the threshold of your door.

The risk of a domestic accident is greatly reduced: in case of fire, water leak or gas, detectors alert you directly, or on your mobile phone if you are not at home.