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Got a New iPhone This Winter? Here’s what to do For Maintaining It!

Apple, what a lovely new iPhone you have! Here’s how to get acquainted with it to ensure a two-to-four year lifetime, give or take, of happiness.

In today digital world, smartphones have become our support in staying connected with the world. Considering its valuable usage, you must properly care for your new iPhone. Both personal and financial sense makes it possible for its functioning and longevity. To keep your iPhone performs smoother and stays in good shape for a long time, maintain it properly. So that you can avoid visiting the mobile service centre for your iPhone screen repairs in Sydney.  We have shared a few iPhone maintenance tips to keep your device running smoothly.

  1.    Avoid Using Your Phone While Eating

Research says most of the smartphones get defected on the dining table, either by dropping it from a height or by spilling water. Also, you use to operate the phone with dirty hands that make long-lasting spots on the screen. This may affect your iPhone’s display quality. So, to avoid these types of issues and extend your smartphone’s life, avoid using your phone at the eating time.

  1.    Charge Your Mobile Regularly, Don’t Let Your Phone Shut Down Without Battery

Unknowingly, you might be making mistakes that hurt your phone’s battery life, and end up visiting a mobile repair shop for iPhone repairs in Sydney! Recharging your mobile phones; you should not wait to charge until your phone battery dies. For long battery life, the battery percentage of your phone should be optimal. This means your phone should hold 40% to 80% batter.

  1.    Try to Clean Your Phone Occasionally

Dirt and dust can cause troubles to your smartphone. To secure it, you should clean your phone occasionally. It is best to use alcohol wipes to clean the exterior surface of the smartphone perfectly.

  1.    Phone Screen Protector Necessary

A screen protector is a piece of special glass made to fit the smartphones perfectly. After installing screen guard to your phone, if your phone drops from the long distance, it will face only less damage to your phone screen since the 50% of physical damage will be taken-care by a screen guard. And, you can fix your phone by simply having iPhone screen repairs in Sydney by visiting your local mobile repair shop.

  1.    Keep your iPhone In a Safe Zone

Either when in or not in use, always keep your iPhone in your reach. Any non-compatible charger might reduce the battery life-span or harm the battery of your device, so use genuine chargers for your smartphone. Also, avoid talking on the phone in the rain.  In case, if water or any liquid items spilled over the phone, take it to the right mobile service centre for iPhone repairs in Sydney sooner.

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