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Features of classes, their advantages and disadvantages.

Before you start playing in World of Warcraft, you must seriously approach the choice of race, and then choose a class. For each race, there is a list of classes allowed for it.

A certain class that you choose for your character will affect the spells and abilities that are available to him. Further on the site it will be possible to order a boost wow, which will raise the level of your character.

The type of your game in the future will depend on his choice. We will look at the characteristics of existing classes.

  • Mages. They are spell casters whose main task is to turn humanoids and animals into ordinary animals at a low level for a time. And at a high its possibilities become more necessary. One of its advantages are the creation of food and drinks, as well as the ability to teleport and open portals, so that the rest of the group could also move. The drawbacks include his dagger, quick death. Also, he cannot win in battles with monsters immune to spells.
  • Hunters. This class takes out monsters, redirects the threat, and controls the crowd. Each hunter has his well-trained pet, which not only can cause harm, but also saves the life of the hunter. Advantages include the persecution of monsters and players, the management of different animals and the ability to combat them. The disadvantages are vulnerability, and lack of melee skills.
  • Druids. A class of peacekeepers awakened from a dream. Its advantages: the ability to turn into animals has several types of weapons, quickly moves and can in a battle to revive others. The disadvantages are wearing light armor, when in the shape of an animal, cannot use spells.
  • Priests. The advantages of this class include the ability to heal and resurrect the ability to enchant monsters. Disadvantages are the wearing of armor from the fabric, and they are easy to kill.
  • Warriors. The class of fighters who have the ability to conduct close combat, very skillfully own a weapon. They are strong and hardy; they can generate rage by inflicting and taking damage. This is their advantage.
  • Paladins. This class helps its allies. He can bless or surround with an aura, thereby keeping them from enemy strikes. The advantages include the presence of the strongest armor, the ability to heal and resurrect other players. But it does not possess military skills and skills, does not own most of the weapons.
  • Warlocks. Former sorcerers or shamans, cause great damage. Their advantages are: using pets, creating Stones of souls and health, using spells encourages other players, can breathe underwater, control demons, heal. Disadvantages: fragility, wearing rag clothes.
  • Shamans. A class that has the ability to both deal damage and heal. The game is considered the universal class of all, but also the smallest.
  • Robbers. Do not attract attention to yourself; being in the background can hide. Advantages: the ability to open locks, inflicting poison on your weapons are harmful to rivals. Disadvantages: get very strong damage.
  • Death Knight. This is a universal class. He can raise the dead or call an assistant.

After reviewing the classes, each player chooses a more suitable for himself and starts the game. A fascinating plot will not leave anyone indifferent. And buying wow boost will make it even more fun.

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