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ezTalks: The Essential and The Technical Aspects of Webinar

Webinar (from the English, “Web based seminar” a seminar based on networking technologies, an Internet seminar) an educational technology for conducting an interactive training session with the possibility of receiving feedback from participants online, using computers connected to the Internet, and special software.

The technology of the webinar is based on a virtual classroom in which the teacher conducts a lesson, while the other remote participants receive video, sound and data from this virtual class.

Paying attention to the process of organizing

Particular attention in the process of organizing a webinar should be given to the equipment of the teacher’s workplace. It is equipped with a digital camera (usually specialized) and a microphone located next to the display and speakers (sometimes they are replaced by headphones). In the program shell of the webinar a picture is formed from this workplace, which is displayed on the screens of the participants.

The main window is occupied by the image of the teacher and / or informational materials that he prepared for the demonstration. In additional windows, with the help of auxiliary interface elements, a chat (a real time Internet messaging tool) is organized for the rest of the webinar participants. In addition to accessing the Internet, participants in the webinar also need a headset (headphones, microphone). In order to know more about webinar software for startups seek help online.

Interaction during a webinar can be more one sided when the teacher has a leading role, while the other participants of the webinar have access to the chat and to the materials that are shown, or two way, with visual and sound communication between the webinar participants.

The “Webinar” technology makes it possible to make available training

Webinar makes it available for various categories of student’s part time students, students of partner universities, students with disabilities and people with disabilities, etc. Depending on the purpose, the webinar can be aimed at mastering and securing students of educational material, knowledge, skills and abilities of professional activity, development of personal qualities and abilities constructively, logically, briefly express thoughts, transfer their main essence, etc.

Checking the hardware and the software before the webinar

Conducting a webinar implies the need to check the hardware and software before it starts. To reduce the risk of technical problems can be achieved through a test webinar.

The development of the content part of the webinar is carried out taking into account the capabilities of the software that defines the instrumentation of the teacher slide show presentations, documents work with a virtual board sharing and accessing files chat demonstration of the desktop and open programs on it collecting opinions of students in real time (voting, polling) working with a remote desktop (if you need to show something on the computer of another participant of the webinar), etc. It is important to determine the place and time of using the instructor’s tools in the webinar by embedding it in the content of the issues addressed.

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