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DrayTek Is a Company Located in Taiwan and Bring VPN Technology to Routers

DrayTek is a company that makes broadband customer premises equipment, such as firewalls, LAN wireless devices, VPN devices, as well as routers. Their first products involved ISDN solutions, the 1st being ISDN Vigor128 with the first one being the ISDN Vigor128, which is a terminal converter USB for Mac OS and Windows. They then followed this up by the Vigor2000 ISDN as well as Vigor204 ISDN terminal adaptor/PBX which was their very first router. They are headquarters is in Hsinchu, Taiwan with distributors and regional offices located worldwide.

VPN technology to routers

DrayTek was one of the very first producers to bring VPN technology to routers that are low-cost, helping with the emergence of teleworking that is viable. In 2004, DrayTek released the very first of their VolP (Voice-Over-IP) products that has become one of their key areas. In 2006, Draytek released two new products including larger scale firewalls and Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewalls products however, the UTM Firewalls did not sell in enough volume and the UTM products were ceased in development and production.

Model and feature

DrayTek brings also the features and model corresponding to such scenario. Most of the Vigor Routers provide support for the 3G/4G/ internet connection by merely plugging the USB dongle. Additionally, there is a 3G/4G/LTE build-in module on Vigor2860Ln and Vigor2925Ln models. Then, you merely insert a SIM card to the cardholder of the module that is built-in; they offer an easy-install, more compatible and reliable 3G/4G/LTE connection. They also imported the technology for the Universal Repeater to the WAN2 of both the Vigor2860 and Vigor2925 wireless models. Users are then able to setup WAN2 toattach to Wi-Fi then become the wireless WAN. So, on Vigor2925 and Vigor2860 wireless models, the user can set up the router with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE as dual WANS.

Firewall setup

When you have a Draytek VPN Firewall set up, your users over the network can still access the Internet or surf the web normally. All traffic over the internet passes freely outside of the VPN tunnel. You can even have multiple VPN tunnels, each one to a different remote location. Using of the word ‘tunnel’ is quite helpful in concept understanding, although the date is passing over the public internet. It is all inside the tunnel which won’t be decoded or seized by any of the Internet intermediate locations and your data is secure.

Buy over the internet

Draytek routers and their office firewalls can all be found for sell over the internet.