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A Few Wrong Thinkings of People About Wireless Charging

Qi wireless charger is a gadget that you should have around. If you are someone who stays busy and need a convenient way to charge your smartphone and don’t want to get tied to a cable, Qi wireless charging pads are the best for you.

But there are a few myths that prevail in the market about Qi charging pads. Some might be partially true, while others are false. So, let’s check about a few myths and how true they are:

  • Wireless Charging can Damage Individuals with Radiation

Direct exposure to electromagnetic radiation can be harmful to the body in the long-term, though that injury is almost gotten rid of if the coils of the battery charger and the receiving gadgets are correctly secured. In other words, top quality Qi charging pads licensed by the WPC doesn’t pose any kind of threat to the body if utilized effectively.

  • Wireless Chargers may Damage Your Battery or Device

Not if you use a Qi cordless charging pad appropriately. Extreme warm is one of the most common causes of decreased battery life expectancy, and contemporary cordless chargers produce dramatically much less heat than their older equivalents. Although it is feasible to harm both the device as well as the battery if you make use of a phony or incredibly low-grade battery charger.

  • All Unofficial Wireless Chargers are Low-cost and Malfunctions

There is a big distinction between informal third-party battery chargers as well as phony battery chargers made by scoundrels without concern for quality assurance. A licensed Qi cordless charging pad sourced from a trusted merchant or wholesaler is frequently far better and safer than one you acquired off a questionable store on that doesn’t speak about his or her resources. This is why it is extremely essential to confirm your resources before dedicating to a purchase.