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5 Places to Eat Brunch in Jakarta


Are you looking for a place to eat brunch in Jakarta? Here are some of our recommendations for places to eat brunch in Jakarta.

Edogin Japanese Restaurant

Edogin is among the most well-known Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. Situated inside the MuliyaSenayan Hotel, Edogin is a five-star establishment which offers a sophisticated breakfast menu and a warm ambiance. From sumptuous sushi rolls to a Teppanyaki buffet, the restaurant is a popular dining venue among corporate professionals and households. You will like a cup of hot attraction or try a local wine.


This casual joint provides warm hospitality, elegant indoor décor plus a Western-Asian menu, which makes it a fantastic place for enjoying a laid back breakfast. Bistronomy is renowned for serving a distinctive collection of high teas. The vintage style interiors are enhanced with diamond-studded chandeliers, and there’s a spacious patio. Even though a lot of people visit this restaurant for its Sunday brunch, you will always like a plateful of their signature dish, Lamb chops with honey mustard sauce, for a wholesome meal.


Turkuazis, an elegant restaurant, offering a cozy atmosphere and an eye-catching menu. White and black portraits portray Turkish culture and architecture, and also a magical chandelier sits in the middle. Even though the restaurant cannot accommodate over 40 people, it has a personal floor and a comfortable lounge. From the spacious kitchen, the chefs produce a medley of innovative dishes like Pistachio cheese pastry and tasty mains like the Yalia kebab lamb served with a refreshing, creamy sauce and mashed potatoes.

Legend of Noodle

Legend of Noodle is a straightforward and relaxed restaurant which serves crap food options in its home-like setting. It’s a casual dining area offering authentic Korean cuisine you might love for a late breakfast, featuring a distinctive variety of noodle-based dishes. Try the famous homemade dishes like JajangMyeon, which consists of noodles with black bean sauce, chunks of caramelization onion and pork. One other good option is the HaemulSujaebi; a spicy noodle dish served with hot broth and fresh seafood.


OmahSendok serves traditional Javanese cuisine. Each dish is a creative combination of Indonesian spices and fresh, organic veggies. Featuring an indoor room plus a spacious outdoor area, the restaurant is the best getaway from the hectic city life. The KuePancong, one of the signature dishes, is a road style mix worth attempting, while the IgaBakarKuah Soto Tangkar (spare ribs saturated in coconut soup) is a delightful filler. You could also try a bowl of SopBuntut or oxtail soup, a rare delicacy which you might like for brunch.

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