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5 Keys to Succeed Remote Meeting in Telepresence

Telepresence allows exchange between voice and video mode or even text and document with several participants, at the same time and remotely. This technology promotes collaborative work and raises important barriers that are well known to today’s businesses: the distance, time and availability of each other. It allows, in a virtual way, to bring people from different places into one place. Not only can it make remote teams closer together, but also offer stronger links with customers, suppliers or partners. As an interactive and collaborative communication tool, telepresence dethrones the telephone meeting because it possesses more possibilities:

Speak to his / her correspondent (s) while seeing the face;

Simplify meetings among remote people;

Save time and productivity;

Reduce costs (travel, time, multiple calls, unnecessary and counter productivity);

Share working papers to promote decision-making;

Plan and manage meetings from the desktop.

Here are 5 keys of successful telepresence meetings and make the most of your possibilities.

For example, the ezTalks Meetings solution:

  1. Well Master the Technique

Make sure you are well seen and of course throughout your session. It is important for you to thoroughly test the equipment for the smooth running of your meeting. Knowing how to manage the tool is an essential step and checking all the technical parameters (sound, video, screen sharing …) is needed, even if some interfaces are very intuitive. You should also have full access to all the features you require to give your hierarchy, contacts, partners or customers the best user experience. Finally, make the video call just as easy as making a simple phone call.

  1. Plan Your Video Conference

A video conference is planned. To do this, simply create it via your interface configured for this purpose. You will be able to view the list of your meetings and

send invitations as soon as the planning is confirmed.

  1. Use the Adapted Device

Just as it is important to carefully select your audiences (number of participants to be determined, topic of interest to be defined), it is essential to choose the appropriate device. There are plenty of video conferencing software so that you should make sure the interface is suitable for the working mode of your group, and know which are the top online meetings software of more productive.

  1. Getting More

Take advantage of ezTalks Meetings and get more from your conference. This collaborative tool is not limited to set up virtual meetings, it also allows:

Real-time recording and broadcasting of discussion;

Meeting control for orderly session process;

Sharing documents and information needed for quick and secure decision-making; Interactive and collaborative work of teams, partners or clients;

Annotation tools for vivid idea demonstration;

Whiteboard & screen sharing for online meeting;

Conducting more creative, productive meetings at a low cost.

  1. Make the Right Supplier Choice

It has never been more important than choosing a good supplier so that users want to make the most of all the telepresence solution’s capabilities in order to get the best possible user experience.

The deployment of this type of solution requires the accompaniment of a certified integrator and expert in the matter. Different types of telepresence systems bring diverse collaboration effects. The outstanding experts, ezTalks, one of the brands for video conferencing collaboration solutions, is at your disposal to assist you in the implementation of your online meetings.