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4 IBM Transforming Tools To Improve The Performance Of IBM Applications

IBM modernization is the modern reality for all businesses using the IBM OS. Undoubtedly, the quality of the ibm systems is extremely high, but their flexibility with new technologies is quite low. This becomes a problem because it is impossible to make user-friendly apps with modern features on the IBM OS because the system just won’t work with Java – it works with legacy languages only. So, to fix the issue, what you need are modernizing tools by Fresche solutions that will make your IBM I apps receptive of new technology and new features. Follow the guide below to find out what are the best modernizing tools that fit the purpose of IBM modernizing.

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  1. X-Analysis View Tool

The X-analysis view tool from the X-analysis suite helps in data analysis. It offers the benefits listed below.

  • It studies the impact of database and code modernization on the business progress
  • It analysis if the migrated technologies are compatible with the IBM apps
  • It helps in identifying the success rate of a project  
  1. X-analysis Advisor Tool

Just like the X-analysis view tool, the X-analysis advisor tool has its own benefits, given below.

  • It offers guidance regarding the best technologies that can be migrated for business expansion
  • It offers counsel on the changes that might make a project more successful
  1. The iModernize Tool

Imodernize tool is by far one of the best ibm transforming tools that have been introduced in the market. Some of its most stunning benefits are given below.

  • It helps in integrating IBM apps with GUI for making the apps smooth running, highly navigable, better looking with graphical icons and visual indicators, and accessible on smartphones and all other mobile devices
  • It ensures that language conversion from RPG to Java is complete so that the codes do not break and maintain a high standard in the future
  • It keeps on monitoring the code quality whenever a project is in progress. This helps in ensuring that the quality of work is not compromised
  1. NewLook Developers Tool

Developers are the real architects and they should be given access to modernized IBM apps so that they can use the ideas to make something new and unique. The benefits of the NewLook tools that give developers the freedom to innovate are given below.

  • This automated tool can identify a green screen and then convert it into modern UI’s so that your apps can be viewed on smartphones
  • Since the apps become mobile friendly, your business but earn loyal customers; and hence, money