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ezTalks: The Essential and The Technical Aspects of Webinar

Webinar (from the English, "Web based seminar" a seminar based on networking technologies, an Internet seminar) an educational technology for conducting an interactive training session with the possibility of receiving feedback from participants online, using computers connected to the Internet, and special software. The technology of the webinar is based on

Subscribing IPTV channels for viewing a variety of programs

Entertainment plays an important role in modern life today allowing people to relax their mind from various problems. Nowadays, the television channels entertain the audience with different types of programs allowing them to choose the right one according to needs. IPTV is a broadcasting technique which allows a person to

9apps app store – The benefits

Having an Android phone is quite common today and mostly everyone has their own personal smartphone. Your phone is the most precious device for you, containing everything you need. But does your phone have all the application it needs? Do not confuse yourself between your wants and needs. The needs are

How IT Services Can Promote Business Growth

Information Technology, or shortly known as IT, has long been considered as one of the primary elements toward commercial success. Over the course of history, man has come to know that expertise in technology usually leads to business growth and expansion. From Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, down to the other

The best way to assess future……is to create it

The aviation industry, like all its counterparts, has moved forward in technology in leaps and strides. The focus today is on safety and cost management. Hence, the industry has a greater need for component maintenance tracking and precise bookkeeping. Many application software is available in the market today to aid

Why is Biotechnology Lab Compliance Important?

When people start a new job, particularly in a lab setting, they are often frustrated by the amount of training that they need to do. In many cases, this takes the form of attending in-person orientation sessions, watching online videos, reading through various documents, and taking tests at the end