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Make it smart with the boosted App

I for one enjoy reading and writing about new gadgets. And so I am here with you guys to bring you the Boosted electric board’s quick discussion. Boosted Dual + is a great electric skateboard that has created a lot of hype in this past year. And why wouldn’t it. It

How a laptop could ameliorate your way of working

In this era of technology, every person needs to have a laptop or a desktop computer. Almost every job, either big or small, requires you to use a computer. Computer is something, on which we could rely on. With the new Artificial Intelligence integration, its power has increased by a

Cybercriminals That Website Owners Should Watch Out For

As any online security expert can confirm, cybercrime is on the rise. Each day, offenses that range from digital vandalism to identity theft occur all across the web, and these trends don’t appear to be letting up any time soon. Since financial gain is often the endgame, online stores and

Why the trend is booming with social media marketing?

Do you have Facebook or Twitter? Nowadays it is rare that a person is not active in social networks, sharing their life and being in contact with friends and family. All this technology has grown a lot in recent years and has reached dimensions that were perhaps unthinkable until a